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Who is this class made for? Both healthcare professionals and women with endometriosis?

Yes! Dr. Whittaker designed this masterclass to benefit anyone who suspects or is living with endometriosis themselves, and healthcare professionals who work with endometriosis patients.

Is the masterclass on-demand or only available on specific dates?

The masterclass is available on-demand. It is self-paced and accessible for one year after purchase.

Masterclass in Endometriosis & Surgery

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Naomi Whittaker, MD


Take control of your endometriosis journey with this comprehensive masterclass led by Dr. Naomi Whittaker, a NaProTechnology trained OBGYN and endometriosis specialist. Designed for both women living with endometriosis and healthcare professionals, this course offers: • Clarity and understanding • Debunk common myths and gain in-depth knowledge about endometriosis and its impact on fertility. • Surgical insights • Explore various surgical approaches, including NaProTechnology's meticulous techniques and focus on adhesion prevention. • Informed decision-making • Learn how to choose the right endometriosis surgeon for you and navigate the surgical process with confidence. • Long-term management • Discover effective strategies for managing endometriosis symptoms through lifestyle changes, supplements, and medications. Whether you're considering surgery, waiting for an appointment, or seeking to better guide your patients, this masterclass empowers you with the knowledge and tools you need to find lasting relief and achieve your fertility goals. --

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Masterclass in Endometriosis and Surgery, $199.00

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