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Long Term Endometriosis Management

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Dr. Naomi Whittaker


This essential course equips both women with endometriosis and healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools for effective long-term symptom management. For Patients: • Empowerment through Knowledge • Gain a deep understanding of how lifestyle, diet, supplements, and medications can influence your endometriosis symptoms. • Practical Strategies • Discover actionable steps to implement in your daily life for improved well-being and reduced pain. • Holistic Approach • Explore a range of evidence-based and complementary therapies to manage endometriosis holistically. For Healthcare Professionals: • Expand Your Expertise • Enhance your understanding of long-term endometriosis management strategies beyond surgical interventions. • Guide Your Patients • Gain valuable insights to confidently advise and support your patients in managing their endometriosis symptoms. • Improve Patient Outcomes • Discover effective tools and resources to help your patients achieve lasting relief and improve their quality of life. This course covers: • Lifestyle Modifications • The impact of stress, sleep, exercise, and more. • Dietary Guidance • Anti-inflammatory diets, food sensitivities, and key nutrients. • Supplement Recommendations • Evidence-based options for symptom relief. • Medication Insights • Hormonal therapies, pain management, and emerging treatments. • Complementary Therapies • Pelvic floor therapy, acupuncture, and other approaches. Whether you're a woman navigating your own endometriosis journey or a healthcare provider seeking to better support your patients, this course provides invaluable knowledge for effective long-term management.

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Masterclass in Endometriosis and Surgery

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