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I want to take this class, but I can't afford it. What should I do?

Scholarships are available for those in need and for FertilityCare practitioners. Message us on our contact us page.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

You get a 7-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

When is the best time to take this masterclass?

The best time is before surgery, but it can still be valuable after surgery.

Where does the money go?

Every purchase goes to RRM Foundation so we can support women on their endometriosis journey. Our mission is to provide education that empowers women to get the care they deserve.

Do you offer group rates?

Yes, we do. Message us on our Contact Us page for more information.

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety: a restorative approach to recovery

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This course discusses postpartum depression and anxiety, exploring its causes, symptoms, and a restorative approach to healing. Dr. Naomi Whittaker, a fertility surgeon specializing in women's health, delves into the limitations of conventional treatments and offers insights into the effectiveness of bioidentical progesterone. Key topics covered: • Understanding the different types of postpartum mood disorders • Exploring the physiological and hormonal factors contributing to postpartum depression • Discussing the limitations of traditional treatment approaches like SSRIs • Highlighting the benefits of bioidentical progesterone as a natural and effective solution • Providing actionable steps for prevention and seeking support This course is made for: • Women experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety • Partners and family members seeking to understand and support loved ones • Healthcare professionals interested in alternative treatment options for postpartum mood disorders

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